LoveScout24 1
All-round, Browse, Call, Website
LoveScout24: free dating app for serious partner search in Germany
LoveScout24 previewLoveScout24 previewLoveScout24 preview
Zweisam 2
Mature, Browse, Website
Zweisam is the free and safe dating app for serious singles over 50
Zweisam previewZweisam previewZweisam preview
All-round, Browse, Call, Website
NEU.DE is the free dating app for serious partner searches via chat
NEU.DE previewNEU.DE previewNEU.DE preview
Eden 4
Christian, Free, Swipe
Serious religious dating for marriage and date site. For singles chat (matches)
Eden previewEden previewEden preview
Breeze 5
All-round, Browse
Made for serious dating. Skip the chat and meet your match in real life.
Breeze previewBreeze previewBreeze preview
My Transgender Date
My Transgender Date 6
LGBTQ, Browse
The trans women’s app to meet respectful men for authentic serious relationships
My Transgender Date previewMy Transgender Date previewMy Transgender Date preview
Match & Meet
Match & Meet 7
All-round, Browse, Website
The serious dating app. Find your match nearby. Match and meet! Chat and date!
Match & Meet previewMatch & Meet previewMatch & Meet preview
Millionaire Match
Millionaire Match 8
Wealthy, Browse, Verified, Website
The serious online dating app to meet high quality & successful singles
Millionaire Match previewMillionaire Match previewMillionaire Match preview
Muslim Singles
Muslim Singles 9
Muslim, Browse, Verified
KΔ±smet Muslim singles is a serious dating and marriage application for Muslims.
Muslim Singles previewMuslim Singles previewMuslim Singles preview
Evermatch 10
All-round, Swipe, Browse
Online dating app that helps to find friends, meet love and serious relationship
Evermatch previewEvermatch previewEvermatch preview
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