Frequently Asked Questions

What is is your go to website when it comes to meeting new people online. You can browse over 1,500 apps by region, type & features and keep up with important updates.
What are the conditions for an app to be listed?
An app has to be dating oriented, have a distinct name and be available in Google Play and/or App Store. If your app meets this requirements and is not listed please contact us.
How are apps ranked?
The ranking is done using the points each app has in a region. Points are calculated automatically every day based on user ratings from Google Play and App Store received in the last 30 days.
Why do listed apps differ in each region?
Each country has different available apps and user ratings. For global and continent listing, apps available in at least one subregion are shown (ratings from all subregions are used for ranking points).
Why do some apps have 0 points?
This could be either because stores returned the same or lower ratings count then they did 30 days ago or because of a large number of 1 and 2 star ratings.
Why aren't all countries listed?
Some countries are not listed because they don't have enough store activity in order to make a reasonable list of the top dating apps. Others are not listed due to technical reasons.