Safety Interaction Profile


Use a strong password containing uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special chars. Change it regularly and don't tell it to anyone.

Don't choose controversial or provocative username / descriptions that can create various polemics or arguments.

Do not enter into contradictory discussions and do not talk to anyone who bothers you. Most apps allow you to block such profiles.

Never provide personal financial information such as card or bank account details.

Be vigilant when giving personal information to other users such as email address, full name, phone number, etc.

Never offer financial support. In general, people who ask for it intend to use others to trick them.


Going to a meeting is a personal choice, not an obligation. Just meet whoever you want when you really want to.

Make sure the person you meet is who you think they are. Talk on the phone first, preferably with a video call.

Tell a loved one where you're going, how the meeting is going, and when you're coming back so someone knows about you.

Meet somewhere where you feel safe, preferably in a public place, especially on your first date.

Arrange your own transportation. If you still get in someone's car, send a photo of the car number to a friend.

Make sure you have your phone charged. Do not consume alcohol and keep an eye on your glass and personal belongings.